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deviation in storage by Atroquine




<3 :iconnakomii: :iconinnaturesimage:



Stamp: Air Force by realdeal2u4u I ❤️ MY AIRMAN
Taxidermy IS Art Stamp by Lupen202 :thumb373841094:
Gray Wolves Are Not Endangered by alaska-is-a-husky You are not a Wolf by alaska-is-a-husky BAWWWW by alaska-is-a-husky PeTA are Terrorists by alaska-is-a-husky
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Stripe love by Animal-Stamp I love Zebras by WishmasterAlchemist Spirit Animal Stamp by bucati
I love Bongos by WishmasterAlchemist

My pelts are named from Celestial beings/Stars/Plants, Ideas and concepts of the human mind, translated words or Norse names!

Icons for me!
::CO:: Nakomii 2/6 by WolfDrawings1





We are active on our Facebook page, Vita Nova Taxidermy. Check there for updates, progress, important dates/notices and delays!! Message us there, we do not check dA as often anymore since the majority of our business is done through FB now. Thank you everyone! :) 
Woohoo! by Nakomii
Silver fox before he went home today, sporting our fab new bandannas with labels made by the amazing LuckyLuCreations on Etsy! <3 Were running out of bandannas so fast!! LOL -Mars

(Want one for your mount by me? Buy one here!…
Grey Fox Soft Mount by Nakomii
Grey Fox Soft Mount
Beautiful grey fox soft mount for a customer!! Loved working on this guy, I dont get to do enough of the small things. :) Super cute!! Cant wait for my customer to get this fella home. 
Ranched Silver Fox Soft Mount by Nakomii
Ranched Silver Fox Soft Mount
Well heres the final photos of this beautiful silver fox! I was so happy I could get to work on this one, Ranched foxes are always a joy. This boy (I believe he is named Bash) is mounted with stunning bobcat eyes that really contrast his amazingly silver fur. He is one of the softest ranched foxes ive done! Hope you all enjoy. :)

Two in the works by Nakomii
Two in the works
Just so everyone knows im not dead...still! I have a LOT to upload because ive been really catching up on the workload faster than ever - I just havnt gotten to posting them most anywhere yet. Theres a lot of social media places we keep up with now but if anyone wants to follow my work or chat with me, I really recommend liking my Facebook page! (Vita Nova Taxidermy) :nod:
Anyway heres two coyote commissions ive just mounted today who still need some work before they start to dry! One fully poseable coyote with husky eyes and one soft mount with poseable legs and golden eyes. I have bad lighting in here so the next photos wont be so badly edited I promise! 

Hi all!

Hope everyone is well and having lots of summer fun!

It has recently come to our attention here at Vita Nova Taxidermy that there has been a couple of rumors and bad talking going around. We'd like to clear up those issues publicly. 

To start off, I, Mars, am in no way a perfect artist. Nobody truly is. What I create and how I create it is the way I see it with my own eyes. My art is my art and it's every part of me. I am not a professional, nor do I claim to be. I have only been doing taxidermy for less than 2 years, the last year I took very seriously. I work every day to better myself in my taxidermy business to provide the most clean and beautiful mounts I can give. With all art, there can be errors. Errors can be everywhere from a couple of staples in an ear to a possible loose stitch or two. Though I do my best to fix these things, accidents do happen. They are not always flawless. Some parts of this aren't always my fault as issues can come from shipping, or a poor hide that refuses to work with me. It, unfortunately, does happen.

I joined the taxidermy community head on, not knowing what I was getting myself into. After a short while I found it pretty exciting and started doing it as a hobby with a little pay from commissioners so I could continue doing what I love. Soon, it got out of control and I took on more than I could handle thinking I could. This led to overdue commissions, frustrations from customers, threats, etc. It got extremely overwhelming and I wanted to quit. I fell back on messages, lost important notes. Everything was at a loss. I quit, only for a short period, but with intentions of quitting forever. It wasn't long before I fell back in love with taxidermy and started up again. I made the same mistakes, and frustration persued. My business was a wreck and I started losing hope. I kept pushing to get things out and the pile kept staring me in the face. It never seemed to go down. I continued doing what I could do until I met my friend InNaturesImage who started keeping me on my toes, reminding me of things. Eventually I asked her to work with me. We began knocking down notes, getting all finalized details, things are actually looking pretty good as of right now, but I have a couple of displeased customers I cannot please, no matter what I offer.

The biggest part of this I want to point out is, IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE, come to me! I do not bite and I'd love to work out whatever I can with you. I cannot fix issues if they are not brought to my attention. It is very painful to hear people talking poorly of me when I did not get the chance to fix my mistakes. 

If we have an issue AFTER I offer all I can, it is hard for me to please a customer who refuses and denies my compensation. I hear a lot of bad talking going on after the fact and they seem to be leaving out my offers of refunds, new mounts, etc. regardless of it going against my terms of policy to make things all right. 

I understand honesty, I understand truth, I understand telling someone a situation we had, but I do not understand bad mouthing, lying, and going out of their own way to tell my other customers a story without fact, without the details of what I did to make it right, and slandering my business for no good reason.

I want to make this known to all my current customers and potential future customers. This is an artistry. It is love, passion, frustration, and years of errors and corrections. It is not mass produced, it is not store bought, it is hand made. Not everything is perfect, but I always try my damn hardest to make it that way. 

Thank you. 
If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please contact us through our Facebook page at We will be moving almost all messaging over to that page so we can no longer lose vital information. The notes system of deviantART is a loss for us and customers.



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:bulletgreen: Here is my website! It is currently under construction with price change and updates, but there is important information listed.…

By commissioning me, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this website.

Personal Projects:
-whitemark- red fox
Bear cape (replacement nose)
Muntjac cape
Liver coyote LS
Wolverine LS
Black coon LS
Caribou shoulder mount
Red Platinum LS
Bear headdress
"Grenade" soft mount

Recommend me an artist! 

3 deviants said Im looking to commission someone for a basic design (might be altered for preference/fit)
2 deviants said Really appreciate the help everyone! :)
1 deviant said for a tattoo I'm looking to get sometime in the future.
1 deviant said Its all lines, no color (maybe a little) and its a skull, a banner, and some other things.
1 deviant said Im looking for someone with stylized art, for example, if Tatchit had commissions open id ask them.


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