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deviation in storage by SkinnedWulf


Awesome best friends I have met in person!

:iconbaileedanielle: :iconinnaturesimage: :iconthebeautyinallthings:



Taxidermy IS Art Stamp by Lupen202
Faux fur by Fellmekke Skinned alive. by Fellmekke

Gray Wolves Are Not Endangered by alaska-is-a-husky You are not a Wolf by alaska-is-a-husky BAWWWW by alaska-is-a-husky PeTA are Terrorists by alaska-is-a-husky
Acting Like an Animal by alaska-is-a-husky Soft mounts taxidermy by Fellmekke Dhole stamp by Tollerka I love Dholes by WishmasterAlchemist
Stripe love by Animal-Stamp I love Zebras by WishmasterAlchemist Spirit Animal Stamp by bucati
I love Bongos by WishmasterAlchemist

My pelts are named from Celestial beings/Stars/Plants, Ideas and concepts of the human mind, translated words or Norse names!

Gifts and commissions for me <3

These are gifts i received or commissions form some of my best friends, wonderful strangers, and talented artists! <3

-- IF YOURS ISNT UP HERE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Ill post it!! I just forget sometimes D:--

Taxidermy- Commissioned work:

Karma the Fire and Ice (head only) done by SkinnedFawxTaxidermy

Fire and Ice Soft Mount closeups by SkinnedFawxTaxidermy
Fire and Ice Soft Mount by SkinnedFawxTaxidermy


Insert title here by Stitchy-Face

Let it begin! by Winterfaux

Mars Reference Commission by Winterfaux

Nakomii Holiday Gift by Winterfaux

Done by the fantastic Winterfaux

Mars by mistywren
by the generous mistywren !!!

How bout I slap yo shit by Whitefeathur
by the awesome Whitefeathur <3

By the superb atticghosts <3

separate sketch: Nakomii by Attack-Fox
Done by Attack-Fox :heart:

Art Trade from Quantum-Kiff by Nakomii
Done by Quantum-Kiff <3

Karly Pixel CM by galianogangster Nakomii Pixel CM I by galianogangster Nakomii's Pen Sketches Seperate by galianogangster Becoming Mars RQ by galianogangster Hanging Out In The Corner by galianogangster
Done by my wifeee! galianogangster :heart:

Done by ailie101 LOL

Lemon Pile of Mars by NightsGem
Done by NightsGem :heart:

Ghost by FenrirSulfer
beautiful art of Ghost doneby FenrirSulfer

Kronos for Nako by Esaki
by Esaki <3

Who's A Pretty Boy by TahkiBK
Wonderful art by TahkiBK

Nakomii Request by WolvenBird
by WolvenBird <333

Art trade with MrStubs

Let's go to Mars! by Manic-Bunny

Head in the clouds by Whitelupine
By Whitelupine <3333

Capo Love by RedRumRebel
RedRumRebel <333

Happy Birthday Nakomii by Taxidermy-Pride
Taxidermy-Pride :D

A Dhole Lot of Spunk by RabiesRai

All of these by BijouRayne :love:
:CO: Nakomii 1/5 by BijouRayne


Icons for me!

Nakomii Icon [ANIMATED] by WolvenBird…

Waiting on:

Fursuit Head from Sharpe19 (since : late 2013/early 2014)
Lifesize Marble from SkinnedFawxTaxidermy (since 11 months ago)
Bear pelt returned from SkinnedWulf (Status: Lost in post permanently)





Mars by Nakomii
Since I never really had a legit sheet and people were getting confused with some parts of her, heres a sheet!
I realized the eyes dont really have to be THAT color, green to yellow gradient is also just fine. ill have to edit that later. 
Other than that I went as hardcore as possible and used myself to make this sheet. WAY TO GO SUPER ACCURACYYYY

I think thats it! Everything important is covered here.

Also good to mention..she is a Dhole (Asiatic wild dog) but if I commission you, and I send you this, feel free to draw her as whatever canine-ish species you want. Coyote, wolf, fox, whatever! Since I know Dholes are a pain to draw sometimes ech....

Her colors might change a little bit after I get my suit back! Since theres like 0 fur that comes in these exact colors.

Hamburger by Nakomii
Yes. :lmao: 
this is InNaturesImages character, Hamburger the black rave cow!! He needed a reference sheet to come alive! I had fun drawing this for her since I never get to do anthro cows. Or really anything Anthro with hooves. :giggle: Hes got stripes, a bull ring, tattoos, what could be bad???? :love:

This is what happens by Nakomii
This is what happens
when you play FNAF until your eyeballs fall out. 
Ever since this game came out I have been seriously obsessed over it. At first it just scared me so much, which made me so fascinated. I think the reason I love this game so  much is because its simple. Its 'easy' and that is what makes it so absolutely terrifying. 
It doesnt scare me nearly as much as it did when it came out, but there are still some things that make me shiver and I cant tell you how I love that feeling. I really love this game. I havent beaten the second one yet. 

For me, I dont think that in game they are friendly. I think they are out to definitely kill you. Youll never see me saying "oh freddy just wants a hug" because I think thats absolutely silly. 
I do however like to think that outside of the game, in fanart world, they are super cute loveable adorable anamatronics. So here I have drawn them as such ;p Its a tie between Bonnie and Freddy as to who I love the most. I might say Bonnie because he also scares me as much as Chica does sometimes. Hes also a big adorable purple bunny. Yeah, Chica scares the absolute shit out of me (seriously, someone needs to deep fry her) so I just didnt really care too much when I went to draw her. :faint: 

This took me about a week to do on and off in between everything. Im uploading it now because I know ill forget and Ill have no other time this whole week LOL I have to go back to my school for the 4th time in a week and sort out my classes...with my luck ill have to come back again because these idiots dont know what theyre doing. :faint:

Sorry about all the mistakes on this one. ;o;

Pearl Cross WIP by Nakomii
Pearl Cross WIP
Okay so! Heres this little guy ive been working on.
Got this little guy in from a friend who wanted it to be fixed up!! All I did wasss...
I soaked up just that left eye, tweaked it because it was crooked a little, and tried to copy the shape of the right eye, I also did epoxy work and then painted, since his ears werent painted and he had some faded paint in some spots. He also needed a brushing so I did that too, and brushed out his ears! 
He came together really well with the little fixes and I cant get over how damn adorable this fox is!! The only thing I noticed last second was that his right eye has so much more green around the pupil and I kept thinking it wasnt even and it WAS even but it threw me off SO bad!! :lmao:
Anyway, thats him. We also decided poseable was best for him. Hes so soft too ughhhhhhhhh!!! And a really stunning color as well!  I only have one head on before pic, but its with flash on so I just wont post that haha. 
He was mounted by AdarkerNEMISIS !!


Golden Sunrise FOR SALE by Nakomii
Golden Sunrise FOR SALE
For sale...very delicate body skin. I tried to repair some holes but it just kept tearing..a lot of the holes are machine sewn and around the armpits. This fox was cut down the back. Complete, but due to the delicate skin and stiff face, im selling this fox as a wallhanger. It would most likely fall apart on you if mounted, unless lifesized very carefully and with a good hide paste. Dragged its tail so the tip isnt good. $175. 


Finally got them all back from the tanner.

This was the brother of Dakota gold. Im lucky to have siblings, thats really a cool thing.
He was one of the ranchers personals but he dragged his tail. So he gave him up to me in replacement for Panic who was covered in grease, soaking wet and slipped. (which is why hes going to be Lifesized laying down, so it hides his crotch and some belly where it slipped off. )
This guy will be LS.

one of my favorite colored foxes.

Sorry I have been gone for SO LONG. I just needed some time to figure everything out. Im sure you guys dont need/want the details, but in all basics this will be a short journal. I have only checked this site maybe once a week if that tells you anything.
Im currently battling with my college to get me in the next semester. If im approved, ill be going back with my major changed and some cool classes. If im declined, im probably going to just sit around clueless as what I should do next until I make a game plan and decide what I can and cannot do from that point forward. I have decided I will be leaving regardless of what happens, either ill go up to Oneonta and continue college or, if it goes well, ill be tailing some people up north and getting a job up there and sharing an apartment. 
Speaking of jobs, after a few weeks of thinking, I had decided to quit. 
I also have a shit ton of things to post to here that I havent posted yet. I admit I do feel terrible for abandoning everyone for a few weeks there but I needed the time. So, I thank all of you for being patient with me. I know I still have 3 things left to ship out, I apologize for the wait on those. Im trying to re-organize everything about this -business/hobby- so that I can work on things faster and more efficiently and hopefully make more people happy. Feedback would be appreciated as to what I could do better, you can send me an email or a note, anything will help me out. 
Also during this time we had an emergency, so my issues are your gain and I will be updating my sale journal with more things. 
Another thing, ill be updating my website and adding something new and mandatory to my TOS, which is just a simple contract everyone will have to sign, as some other artists already have started doing. Ill send everyone a personal message when the time comes. 
Other than that, seems to be smooth sailing. Any questions or concerns, please send a note or email!



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tanuki premade..? 

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I just want to stop and say that your mounts have such a sweet expression. Most taxidermists don't get that look right. Great work.
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hey dude! Send you a note, if you could get back to me when you can that would be awesome 
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Why the heck was I not watching you. ;-; Love your work.
elusivink Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  New member Professional Traditional Artist
I've been obsessively looking through your collection wishing it was mine. Really amazing work, the soft mounts in particular are stunning! I'm an amateur taxidermist myself hoping to someday be as good as this!
RukiIsAPanda Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Nakomii I don't know if you are aware but there is a cinnamon bear on!!! I don't know if you have seen it or not but I stumbled upon it :) it is mountable.…
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